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Hazel Collins Design

Established in 2006, Hazel Collins Design projects range from London, all the way to New York. The team have demonstrated their versatility through the many townhouses, pied-a-terres, family homes, bachelor pads and conversions that they have worked on.

Based in a peaceful mews studio in Belsize Park, Hazel’s experienced interior designers, textile designers, production and space-planning specialists, vintage specialists, restorers and upholsterers, work together in beautiful synergy, combining their talents and expertise.

Let them create a warm and comfortable living space for you, characterised by modern, sophisticated design, and elegantly decorated with finely curated art, vintage, and contemporary furniture and accessories.

I have always loved design, starting with fashion, which I still adore. In design, as in fashion, elegance doesn’t date. I try to source pieces that clients will be comfortable with through the stages of their lives.
— Hazel Collins


Hazel grew up in Scotland, surrounded by many artists in her family and was completely immersed in art and design. She set up a wedding gift list company in the late 90s and looks back fondly at this time as many of the brides are now her interior design clients! 

Jean Royere, Jean Michel Frank, Jacques Quinet, Pierre Guariche, and Marc DuPlantier, together with Italian designers such as Gino Sarfatti, Gio Ponti, and Ico Parisi, continue to inspire Hazel as she travels across the globe, handpicking and commissioning bespoke pieces for her clients.

I consider these designers to be the ‘masters’ of my own taste palette. I use their lines and tones as markers and inspiration in our residential projects.
— Hazel Collins

The Creative Hub

The Creative Hub is a collective of independent professional businesses with diverse and complementary backgrounds, who have a long-standing working relationship with the residential and commercial design industry.

This select group of partners were chosen, based on their established working relationship with each other and their 20+ years experience in their disciplines. By offering this strong knowledge of the market and diverse range of services, the Creative Hub can cover a broad design style that suits projects of any size and budget.

You will have the invitation to engage with one or all members of our Creative Hub, based on your individual needs. 

Visit The Creative Hub to find out more.